expressionist painting

My love of art and painting took hold a lot later in life than most artists. Although I dabbled in drawing over the years, it was only really short spells and I would put the pencil down a few days later, usually though frustration from having not mastered the craft instantly.

It was only a chance random internet search "how to draw" that really started my journey. The results brought up a seminal book called Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards that really changed everything. After that moment, I never put the pencil or brush down again.

My work is often fast and more expressive than technical, the event of painting, being in that moment and connecting with my work is what drives me. I mainly work in oils but acrylics definitely have their place in my shelf of ever growing materials.

I use mainly filbert hog hair brushes, preferring medium and large sizes. I enjoy painting on a larger scale but storage space can often compromise that.

My favourite artists in no particular order are;
Albert Marquet, Francis Bacon, Pablo Picasso, Neil Blender and more recently Anish Kapoor.

I hope this fills in a few blanks, thanks for reading